Taiwan an island that is part of the republic of China. Its hot and humid and there are a lot and I mean a lot of 2-stroke motorbikes, which put a brown cloud that just hangs and you can taste in Taipei. So its highly recommended to get out of the city and enjoy the beaches and temples.

Taiwan Beer scalp circa 1991
Taiwan Beer, brewed by the government-owned and totally totalitarian-sounding Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp. Taiwan Beer pours a fluffy and fast-dissipating head, with a crisp hop aroma that carries a hint of lemon. The snappy, assertive flavor is equally full and rewarding, with a dry, creamy maltiness typically missing from most rice brews with a recipe incorporating locally grown Ponlai rice, which provides a semi-sweet component. . Taiwan is simply a tasty thirst-quencher.

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