Ah California so many things to say about you...

Barley Forge Brewing Co. Grandpa Tractor scalp circa 2016
Man oh man I dig this beer and the label art from them is stellar. I first tasted it on draft and soon after went on the hunt for some bottles to take home. It pours like liquid gold with a small head that fizzes away. It is very carbonated and continues to bubble like champagne. It smells like honey grass. Grandpa Tractor is incredibly easy to drink, sometimes the whole 6-pack. A solid 5% APV. If you are even in Costa Mesa roll by the brewery. #barleyforgebrewingco #grandpatractor


Traveled throughout more that a few times and lived in the great state of Arizona for a few as well. This place really is a secret besides the Grand Canyon. The amount of local beer in this state is staggering. Taking scalps here proved a little more difficult since a lot of the local micros only can the liquid gold. I thought about using a pair of tin snips but ended up mostly taking sport photographs of the locals.

SanTan Moon Juice Galactic IPA circa 2016
The Moon Juice is a wheat IPA so it pours a dark orange hazy color with a fluffy head. APV comes in at 7.1% so it has a after kick to it too. The flavor is a little tropical fruity and not too hoppy with a not too much carbonation. It finishes well and did leave my mouth with the typical IPA flavor. I like this beer and I am not usually an IPA guy, maybe because of the spaceman and the ray gun. #santan #moonjuice

SanTan Devil's Ale APA circa 2016
The Devil's Ale is a cooper coloured brew that the hops jump out at you and has a sweet malty after taste it kinda seemed like more of a IPA. It is a solid beer with a APV of 5.5% but it is very similar to many others out there.

South Korea

South Korea land of taekwondo and excellent BBQ.  Social relations may be grounded in ancient Confucianism but South Korea is most decidedly a forward-thinking country thanks to its hurry-hurry approach to everything, an insatiable appetite for technological advancement and an indomitable can-do attitude. It’s a country of endless possibilities.
Hite Beer scalp circa 2011
This guy has aromas of grainy malt, little to no hop aroma with flavors of grainy malt, corn. The finish is short, grainy, with a light bubble bite. In the mouth it is light, not quite fizzy, good level of bubbles. Overall, not a bad beer especially with some fresh kimchi and bulgogi. #hitebeer


Taiwan an island that is part of the republic of China. Its hot and humid and there are a lot and I mean a lot of 2-stroke motorbikes, which put a brown cloud that just hangs and you can taste in Taipei. So its highly recommended to get out of the city and enjoy the beaches and temples.

Taiwan Beer scalp circa 1991
Taiwan Beer, brewed by the government-owned and totally totalitarian-sounding Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp. Taiwan Beer pours a fluffy and fast-dissipating head, with a crisp hop aroma that carries a hint of lemon. The snappy, assertive flavor is equally full and rewarding, with a dry, creamy maltiness typically missing from most rice brews with a recipe incorporating locally grown Ponlai rice, which provides a semi-sweet component. . Taiwan is simply a tasty thirst-quencher.


The motherland of beer. I have been there more then a few times, lucky for me my brother lives there. This last time we drove down through the south and west.

Löwenbräu Original scalp circa 2009

Very light bready malt. Hops add bitter lemon and a noticable amount of skunk on opening it, but the best part it is in vending machines like soda pop. So when your a little thirsty you can hook it up.

Astra Urtyp pelt circa 2009
Clear yellow colour, nice head in one finger thickness which lasts quite long, decent lacing. Aroma is mostly malty. Taste is quite simple malty with growing bitterness which also dominates the aftertaste. The scalp art is nice and the bottle is kinda unique as well. 

Allgäuer Bayrisch Hell scalp circa 2009
Super drinkable beer, especially good on summer nights by the camp fire. The beer pours a bright gold color with good head. Don't get too much on the nose, just some light sweet malt, a touch of honey, and some bread dough. What there is smells pretty nice. Flavors on the palate replicate the nose fairly well, except there is a hint of bitterness on the finish. The beer has some moderate malty sweetness, and is very light and smooth on the palate. How can you beat a beer with this much flavor that clocks in at 4.7% alcohol? Good stuff. Damn good stuff.

Rothaus Pils circa 2009
Bright golden. Thick head. Mild noble hops, mild grainy malt. Light-medium body, fairly fizzy and smoothly malty, with a very nice noble hop flavor. A very good clean beer. I really like the art on this scalp.