Traveled throughout more that a few times and lived in the great state of Arizona for a few as well. This place really is a secret besides the Grand Canyon. The amount of local beer in this state is staggering. Taking scalps here proved a little more difficult since a lot of the local micros only can the liquid gold. I thought about using a pair of tin snips but ended up mostly taking sport photographs of the locals.

SanTan Moon Juice Galactic IPA circa 2016
The Moon Juice is a wheat IPA so it pours a dark orange hazy color with a fluffy head. APV comes in at 7.1% so it has a after kick to it too. The flavor is a little tropical fruity and not too hoppy with a not too much carbonation. It finishes well and did leave my mouth with the typical IPA flavor. I like this beer and I am not usually an IPA guy, maybe because of the spaceman and the ray gun. #santan #moonjuice

SanTan Devil's Ale APA circa 2016
The Devil's Ale is a cooper coloured brew that the hops jump out at you and has a sweet malty after taste it kinda seemed like more of a IPA. It is a solid beer with a APV of 5.5% but it is very similar to many others out there.

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